Aerial Yoga

In October 2018, I went to Berlin to train as an aerial yoga teacher with Jost Blomeyer.

Aerial yoga is a blend of Yoga, Pilates and Aerial arts.

Using a loop of fabric rated for taking body weight , this flying fitness class enables you to stretch in a low impact way, builds strength and allows you to feel the joy of flying.

Benefits of Aerial yoga include better circulation, enhanced mood, improved balance, and coordination.

It can also help with back pain.

Classes include stretches, core stability exercises, flips and tricks aswell as relaxation.

I hold weekly classes in the Forest of Dean - 
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"Nix enjoys what she does and is enthusiastic. You can feel this energy and enjoyment of exercise move around the class. We are age 20 to 60 something and she includes everyone in a way that they can do only what they are comfortable with. We are all different abilities and she is conversant with peoples abilities and limits" Charlie Davies - Aerial yoga class student