Through my company PhoeNix I offer classes and events in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley.

I have over 20 years experience in working with my body, developing a broad knowledge of anatomy and sports science. I have further developed my skills by training with some of the best instructors world wide.
Regular Classes include Aerial yoga , Trigger point pilates and hula hoop.

I also offer 1:1 holistic personal training, working with you to develop your fitness levels whether you are recovering from injury, post natal or just want to get fit after time away and don't feel confident to join a group class.

I  run retreat days , wild swimming events and camps to inspire a connection with nature and others.

Aerial Yoga 

I trained with Jost Blomeyer one of the most experienced Aerial yoga teachers in Europe.

Aerial yoga is a blend of Yoga, Pilates and Aerial arts.

Using a loop of fabric rated for taking body weight , this flying fitness class enables you to stretch in a low impact way, builds strength and allows you to feel the joy of flying.
Benefits of Aerial yoga include better circulation, enhanced mood, improved balance, and coordination.

It can also help with back pain.

​Classes include stretches, core stability exercises, flips and tricks aswell as relaxation.

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Autumn term-
Outdoor- Dragon Fly wood 
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aerial yoga dragon fly wood .jpeg

Immerse yourself in Nature, looking up through the trees , relax and stretch.

Hour long class with a swim in the beautiful calm waters lake at Barefoot and Bower .

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Wild Swimming 

Join us for a social swim on Sunday Mornings and Friday lunchtimes  in a beautiful lake at Into the Woods in Mayhill Gloucestershire.
Our aim is to build a community of confident and joyful swimmers.
Expect laughter, tears and the joy of challenging our limits , celebrating each other and of course there will be cake ! 
You can book a slot which gives you an arrival time , we invite you to stay afterwards, and join us around the fire.  We close an hour after the last swim entry.
Hot drinks and cake will be available to purchase or bring your own.

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Women's health coaching

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I'm not alone, I'm not invisible, I am Evolving

I offer 1;1 or small group holistic sessions to support you in navigating your hormones, body and mind on the journey to menopause

The sessions will be tailored to you and your needs and could include -

  1. Breathe work and Trigger point pilates including self massage to calm the nervous system and support pelvic floor 

  2.  Advice on managing symptoms through nutrition and exercise.

  3.  Aerial yoga to build core strength,  provide weight bearing exercise to help stave off osteoporosis and bring a sense of play into your life !  

  4. Cold water swimming sessions

The cost of these sessions is £45 per hour for individuals , I recommend a series of 6 sessions over 6 months .

 Or for a  group of up to 6 £55 per hour which includes venue hire . I recommend a minumum of 2 hours for group sessions.

Please get in touch to have a chat or book a session.

Stretch, release, breathe

 I trained with Lydia Campbell who created Trigger Point Pilates.

A Pilates based Myofascia Trigger Point body work system.

In class we start by gently mobilising the body, learning how to stay in good alignment and how to connect breath to each exercise. Using compression, movement and dynamic stretch you will journey through a system to release the body's fascia, trigger point by trigger point. During the class you will use foam rollers, small spiky myofascial release balls, midi sized pilates balls and stretch bands. Most of the class is spent on an exercise mat.
The training method helps alleviate chronic pain conditions and constant muscular tightness, undoing muscular restrictions and enhances functional movement. At the end of a class one feels light, lengthened and able to move with total ease, releasing the body from inside to out.

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Contact - 07718229732